1. If you committed a crime and you wore a customized shirt to do it, what would your shirt say?

    1. rebdomine answered: "copycat"
    2. twoheartsinabeatofecstasy said: Hate breeds hate.
    3. youcouldbemychemical answered: Someone already took my YOLO idea.
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      You’re gonna love prison then
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      Loves it! :P
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    9. 10derloin answered: yolo
    10. vodkaflavoredantacids99 answered: SHOOT ME DYLAN (Klebold), THERE’S NO INTELLIGENT LIFE DOWN HERE
    11. mourningovermurderers answered: I was sent to piss the world off
    12. fred-said-red answered: human race sucks
    13. fuckoff-rockon said: Die.
    14. lamb--chop said: i’m hungry
    15. japanhomevideo answered: HERO
    16. thoughtlessclown said: SWAG
    17. radioactive-forest said: "God didn’t send me" (directed at the westboro baptist church) Or maybe "get shit done" Not sure
    18. the-hand-that-masturbates answered: Sent To Destroy